private event info are invited to take home part of what grew on this fantasy farm...

a mystic garden is a magic place

it exists on a crude yet serene 100+ year old ranchette.

you will see over 1200' of experimental organic flower plantings

designed to bloom all season without plastic mulch or extensive labor

please, take many flowers home to gift or enjoy

follow the instructions below to unlock the secrets of the mystic garden :)

Saturday 9.2
Rain Date 9.3

Stroll in when you can:
12 noon - 6pm

Prepare for your adventure:

  • Water & harvest tools will be available.
  • Mason jars will be provided so you can take your flowers home safely.
  • Want ALOT of flowers? Feel free to bring a bucket.
  • Sneakers or Boots recommended
  • Sorry, there is no bathroom (yet...) It's a mystic garden, not a CVS.

Feel free to bring a chair and relax. There are multiple secluded paddocks and a scenic overlook on the 22 acre grounds.

Ok, so where is it?

follow these magic instructions for the Mystic Garden to appear...

1. On the day of the event, take a leisurely drive around the beautiful farm-lined streets of Norma.

2. Look for a brightly colored gnome. He's guarding a grassy opening in an old wooden fence.

When you see the gnome, you've found the entrance...

Drive on the grass, into the opening, and park.

Here's a hint:

Put "91 Rosenfeldt Ave" into your GPS.

Look for the grass driveway where there is a gnome statue standing guard.

You won't miss him.

See you there.

Text / Call for questions: