Grown Your Own Mystic Garden

Starting your own small farm has never been easier with modern compact equipment and this technique.

In fact, the Mystic technique was custom designed to be replicable by nearly anyone, especially for landscapers, ranchettes, and parkland.

Check out the Grow Salem County website for the full list of equipment and other inspiration.

Step 1: Bed

Till the soil and put down a mulch layer to block weeds and keep soil moist. Mystic Garden uses rolls of paper as mulch. A thick layer of hay is also organic but may require more weeding. "Plasticulture" is also a low-labor, affordable option that works well with drip lines

Step 2: Plant

Plant started seedlings into the bed with a hand transplanter.

Step 3: Mow

Your seedlings will grow to bloom with minor routine care. Water and fertilize as needed.