liability waiver

We do everything we can to keep the farm safe for guests.

However, a farm is an inherently dangerous place.

By checking the box on the password form and/or entering the farm, you agree to accept the following terms and conditions:

Dangers will always be present on a farm. These dangers include but are not limited to: hazards, obstacles, fallen trees, broken infrastructure, poisonous plants, animals, and biting / stinging insects.

You accept to waive all liability to the farm operators of any and all damage to property or injuries which may occur. 

You agree to only walk on mowed grass paths and use common sense in avoiding dangers, obstacles, and hazards. 

You agree to stay away from all dangers you encounter.

You agree to always have a charged cellphone so incase of emergency you can contact emergency services by dialing 911.

You agree to stay clear of any machinery or vehicles which may be present on the farm. Farm machinery and vehicles are loud with limited sight clearance, the operator may not be aware of your presence. Do not stand within 100' in front of, to the sides, or behind any machinery or vehicle whether it is powered on or not. 

You agree to assume all liability over guests you bring and inform them of the terms and conditions of this waiver.

You agree to use harvest tools only in proper ways which will not cause injury. 

You agree not to use drugs, alcohol, or any substance which affects thinking and judgment in your time on or before visiting the farm.