The Design

Mystic Flower Gardens is a research project in progress which demonstrates an easily replicable, long blooming flower farm.

In this demonstration, the productive "u-pick" flower garden is proven feasible with modern landscaping technology.

The purpose of proving this design is collect and promote the concept of a modern, productive miniature farm which is actionable in a variety of places: the common ranchette, master planned subdivision amenity parks, and urban plots with space for productive greenery. 

In developing this concept, there are two key requirements which must be met to prove the design worth of mass adoption: 

The setup of the farm design must be compatible with common landscaping machinery, parcels, and methods

This is achieved because the entire concept is created with a modern compact tractor. This tractor can be transported and functions similarly as a zero turn mower setup. 

The farm must be productive with desirable goods year round, using minimal resources

This is achieved through using either of the two following flower patterns:

Each flower pattern blooms through the entire growing season and can be mowed over and replanted again and again. Both patterns use minimal setup, the most intensive requires just paper mulch and water access.


With these conditions met, the Mystic Flower Garden concept is shown as a viable prototype for establishing small, landscaping-type farms into public or private green spaces. 

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